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Our Philosophy

Artworks are our passion and commitment. Trading and treading in a healthy market is paramount for us, for our artists and the collectors. That is why we follow a single code that guides us trough the cosmos of the market: Pertinance.


For 15 years now this principle is serving us so well that it has crystalized as our core value. We show what we deem worthy of showing. We buy what we deem worthy of collecting. We sell what we deem worthy to offer. That's it. Saves a lot of sweet talking.

We price artworks based on basic principles: Artistic value, market value. For emerging artists add the artist's effort and even personal circumstance. Is this an outstanding masterpiece that took four sweaty month in the making? Or an incredible yet mere stroke of genius which hits a talent by the hour?

All this constitutes the price. We do acknowledge auction results, personal index, established ranges by galleries, rarity and the countless disputable aspects of quality. Yet we rather ignore ballooning trends and fashions until the dust has settled. We love the heat - but we are neither in it for the fast buck nor the meltdown. Growing healthy in an healthy environment is what we aim for and wish every artist career. This is probably the main reason we have established a strong and loyal client base with collectors and artists alike since our foundation in 2007 when we hosted our first show in the dome of Postfuhramt Mitte, our first residence. Many of our favorite artists like XOOOOX, Daniel Thurau or Fritz Bornstück have sold their very first artwork with us and we still get the first pick from the studio, regardless craving New York dealers or upcoming museum shows. Many collectors bought their first artwork with us and then some and then some more. International and German art dealers alike feast on our emerging artists and help building solid careers throughout the world - an outstanding job we admire and support.


As advisor and sherpa we offer a variety of services for collectors and artists in three core fields of the art market: Trade, exhibition and auction. We can help with all other requests from storage to catalogue publishing, but we are best when it comes to trade, show and the hammer.

There are many perfectly trained advisors for every specific matter, but we are happy to guide with our solid expertise in the whole of the art market, as we know the different sides: The buyer, the artist and the secondary market.


Our services range from a mere second opinion on a pricey acquisition or sale, to profound analysis and guidance for an emerging or maybe somewhat stuck artist career. Maybe You want to present Your art collection in a unique locations and in a most professional manner but rather leave it to a team of experts who absolutely know how? This one of the key services we provide to some of our clients from day one. Ask for a catalogue and inquire directly with Fares Al-Hassan.


As a fully licensed auction institution we host professional art auctions both commercial and for charity purposes since 2008. Our clients range from private collectors to the Protestant Church of Berlin for which we are honored to host the yearly Refugee Relief Auction by request of the the Bishop of Berlin since 12 years. Raising money for the cause is what we truly love - what is talent without reason? Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard if You are burning for something worthy burning for. We love striking a match or too and our founder


With our outstanding exhibition venue Colonia Nova we stage exhibitions in one of the finest lofts in Berlin.


Alas! We don't own artist careers, as we can never promise our mere services to be sufficient enough for an outstanding talent to conquer the world. We prefer being a profane brick to being a lofty rainbow in that regard.

We do not build shareholder value as our core interest. You may well have a smart investment adviser for that matter and if you don't - there are numerous out there who are more than willing to guarantee you which brushstroke is coated with gold, whose name is the next blue chip, and which art fund has the smallest handling fee by annual value increase. 

We DO though believe strongly in art as an asset and we do buy and collect driven by both flames - passion and asset. Leading to our philosophy of advising in art aquisition: If the artwork is strong enough by itself and you can safely afford it - you probably wont have worry about a sale in the future. And if you already spend more than you should for art and yes, it was love on first sight, then You probably will not listen to our advice anyways. You might love the pearls we uncover but altogether You fare well and happy, then we salute You: Welcome to the exciting world of the crazy collectors.

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