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Sherpa in fine arts

As advisor, trader and acution institute we offer a variety of services for collectors and artists in three core fields of the art market: Trade, exhibition and auction. We can help with all other requests from storage to catalogue publishing, but we are best when it comes to trade, show and the hammer.

There are many perfectly trained advisors for every specific matter, but we are happy to guide with our solid expertise in the whole of the art market, as we know the different sides: The buyer, the artist and the secondary market.


Our services range from a mere second opinion on a pricey acquisition or sale, to profound analysis and guidance for an emerging or maybe somewhat stuck artist career. Maybe You want to present Your art collection in a unique locations and in a most professional manner but rather leave it to a team of experts who absolutely know how? This one of the key services we provide to some of our clients from day one. Ask for a catalogue and inquire directly with Fares Al-Hassan.


As a fully licensed auction institution we host professional art auctions both commercial and for charity purposes since 2008. Our clients range from private collectors to the Protestant Church of Berlin for which we are honored to host the yearly Refugee Relief Auction by request of the the Bishop of Berlin since 12 years. Raising money for the cause is what we truly love - what is talent without reason? Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard if You are burning for something worthy burning for. We love striking a match or too and our founder


With our outstanding exhibition venue Colonia Nova we stage exhibitions in one of the finest lofts in Berlin.

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